Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

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Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Party In The U.S.A..
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  1. MileyCyrusVEVO
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    Check out my new video for "Mother's Daughter"! Music makes Movements! We got the power! 💪 🚨

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      Tom Clayton
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    3. Tom Clayton
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    4. Rogue 5
      Rogue 5
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      big fan Miley Cyrus

    5. Shocked News day abuqari
      Shocked News day abuqari
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      Burning the Apache plane Made with a stick match chain

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    🔥🔥🔥 does this song make you happy in march This video fabulous 1:32 💚🔥🔥 👇👇👇👇

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    Everyone listening to this song: nice song Me: LOW RISE JEANS *faints* High rise jeans are the best I can’t live without them😂

  4. Christoph Hügli
    Christoph Hügli
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    I love this song

  5. Beka Vlogs
    Beka Vlogs
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    2020 ?

  6. Rhyian Horne
    Rhyian Horne
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  7. Nghi Nguyen
    Nghi Nguyen
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    miley already twerking since 2009 3:03

  8. osvaldo talavera falcon
    osvaldo talavera falcon
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  9. Nicole Cantu
    Nicole Cantu
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    u had your girls with u or u made girls fast

    1. Nicole Cantu
      Nicole Cantu
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      Not trying to be rude

  10. Billy Raid
    Billy Raid
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    This should have 1billion views this is Hannah Montana 🤧🤧❤️

  11. Ash Rojas
    Ash Rojas
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  12. Rianna and chris Koshimizu
    Rianna and chris Koshimizu
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    Iove your video

  13. Some One
    Some One
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    I searched how to get rid of crack and this was the first to show up

    1. carlos basa
      carlos basa
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      No its not

  14. Carrie Hall
    Carrie Hall
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    Video and vocals are off bad in this video

  15. Sp1cyC4T
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    fiesta en mexico weeeeeeeeey

  16. baguem’s kpop
    baguem’s kpop
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    Bruh imagine North Koreans watching this 😂

  17. J
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  19. Lucas 55
    Lucas 55
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    Best song ever She Sing the Song With 17

  20. Gael Tim
    Gael Tim
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    i had to come to the comments section

  21. graeme011
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    Stafford Brothers

  22. EJ
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    She's so much more likable and attractive this way, not acting like a pig with her head shaved.

  23. Nin ja
    Nin ja
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    10 years ago

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    february 2020

  25. tobi jonson
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    From Goddess, Hot, cute ... to skunk cunt feelsbadman

  26. Герман Тимашев
    Герман Тимашев
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    Who is here from the party in the CIA (Honestly think CIA is better)

  27. Bùi Phú Thịnh
    Bùi Phú Thịnh
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    Hannah Montana these day! :)))

  28. dedman
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    She was 16 then?

  29. ultra marine
    ultra marine
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    her boots are fresh af

  30. Frank Faucett
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  31. Vrilliax
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    Back when America wasn’t flooded with memes, threats of war, plagues, and Tik toks

  32. An Nguyễn Thị Bình
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    just come back cause I miss old Miley :(

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  34. Sai Shankar Jetla
    Sai Shankar Jetla
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    iam from india....awesome music song...

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  37. Matty Carruthers
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    She's my girlfriend 😎

  38. Karah Battram
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    i am such a big fan of your music

  39. Dustin Short
    Dustin Short
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    Yaaaaaaa li love this song

  40. Blair Singley
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  41. Tom Clayton
    Tom Clayton
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    She has long brown hair and now SHORT BLONDE WHAT THE HECK!?!?!

  42. aleyda casillas
    aleyda casillas
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    2020 and we still can't get over this song

  43. Keifer Bellajaro
    Keifer Bellajaro
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    Damn. In 10 short years this will be 20 years old....

  44. JonesCode Gaming
    JonesCode Gaming
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    *This is the type of music I listen to when homies aren't around.*

  45. Nikos Goumatsis
    Nikos Goumatsis
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    fun fact : the word of this song is on jessie j

  46. Lucindia Craig
    Lucindia Craig
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    I was listening to this on my Spotify but I skipped it on a accident😭 so now I’m here

  47. Zarya Thanki
    Zarya Thanki
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    My name is Zarya Lalit Thanki the country star I am from Lafayette Layette I am country singer

  48. Lani Nguyen
    Lani Nguyen
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    2020,still here😄

  49. Johnnybulldog 13
    Johnnybulldog 13
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    Wait how did I get here I was watching Jesus of suburbia music video how did I get to a Cyrus video

  50. Sara Hunsberger
    Sara Hunsberger
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    does anyone remember her clothing line she made that went with this song? the shorts, shirts and summer clothes? i know i do

  51. Rosheni Narayanan
    Rosheni Narayanan
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    I miss this version of Miley Cyrus..

  52. xxyenxDTM
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    This song was my childhood actually i was born 2006..

  53. Taiwan Macc
    Taiwan Macc
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    I was 8 or 9 when this came out now I’m about to be 21 wow 😭

  54. Giselle C
    Giselle C
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    2020 anyone?

  55. Midnight Friends
    Midnight Friends
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    So Iconic, could listen for the rest of my life. The irony is that she talks about iconic songs when this turns out to be one that EVERYONE learns.

  56. Phantomartist !!!
    Phantomartist !!!
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    This is actually a parody of a song called “party in the cia”

  57. Userboi
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    My school did this, I kinda forgot about it since I was 1st grade back then, all I remember this song with these kids performing that Good Old Days.

  58. Kevydude Inc.
    Kevydude Inc.
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    I wanna see someone do a parody of this song called "Party with a Mexican"

  59. Claire Nadeau
    Claire Nadeau
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  60. Erxze シ
    Erxze シ
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