GRIP Latest Yoruba Movie 2020 Mide Martins| Funsho Adeolu| Niyi Johnson| Tokunbo Awoga| Tope Solaja

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When the intention is not expressed we may lose grip of what we want. Grip a lovely movie Starring Funsho Adeolu, Mide Martins Abiodun, Dele Fagboro, Tobiloba Abraham, Tokunbo Awoga, Adunola Anjorin, Niyi Johnson, Abiodun Okeowo, Folorunsho Adeola, Debby Shokoya, Oyin Adegbenro and many more.


  1. tinca island
    tinca island
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    Some people are still blaming Morayo,Dapo mess up big time. Spending loads of money,still hes forming gentility on a woman. The judgment is accurate. Interesting storyline.

  2. idowu adeyemi
    idowu adeyemi
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    Nice job and great casts

  3. Zainab Yusuf
    Zainab Yusuf
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    Interesting movie

  4. Oyeboade Omotoyosiola
    Oyeboade Omotoyosiola
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    This is so touching 😥😥😥😥,interesting movie.

  5. Raimot Aina Sulaimon
    Raimot Aina Sulaimon
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  6. Emmanuel Confidence vlog
    Emmanuel Confidence vlog
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  7. Basirat Kenny
    Basirat Kenny
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    Nice movie

  8. Blesn Abayomi
    Blesn Abayomi
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    Dapo is a BOMBOCLAT!

  9. Olanlokun kaosara Olawumi
    Olanlokun kaosara Olawumi
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    Haaaaaaaa this is serious,how could u keep malice and can't even for once open up,just ordinary I love u,this is very risky,but all d same u don't keep law into ur hands,u guys hv did a good job,nice one.......

  10. Abiodun Olarinoye
    Abiodun Olarinoye
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    Nice storyline. Thanks for uploading

  11. Loveth Sunkanmi
    Loveth Sunkanmi
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    So much interested👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Glamorous Keji
    Glamorous Keji
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    Meaning, na him short. Cause I tried all my possible best to let him no.

  13. Ruky Arowolo
    Ruky Arowolo
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  14. bianca famous
    bianca famous
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    How I wish our Nigeria girls can just stop breaching already..see morayo hand jezzzzz

  15. Ogunbiyi Funmilola
    Ogunbiyi Funmilola
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    What a pity!!! As a man, you have to be bold and courageous to express your feelings on time not when it's late. Good job!!! All the way from Lebanon.

  16. halima hamza
    halima hamza
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    awwww interesting movie as in this was me a guy love me but I don't and he never speak up until he saw me and know I was dating and he start to express his feelings for me but he was not my type me lol such men are coward hahaha kudos to all the cast and crew

  17. Omowunmi Ojo
    Omowunmi Ojo
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    So interesting movie

  18. adeoflagos Ade
    adeoflagos Ade
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    All our ladies don turn to "Oyoyo" o. Only few dark skin actresses left on screen.

    1. Tspecial A
      Tspecial A
      Vor 26 Tage

      My same sentiment exactly!!!..😐🤔🤔🤔

    2. Kennybelar Olarewaju
      Kennybelar Olarewaju
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      They want to be like oyinbo ni

  19. YouTube Firstlady
    YouTube Firstlady
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    Interesting movie! Thanks

  20. Princess Msk
    Princess Msk
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    Thank for uploading

  21. Adejuwon OLAMIDE
    Adejuwon OLAMIDE
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    Dapo is at fault right, but why don't Morayo use her mouth to ask for she want from Dapo, this is lesson to but sides, don't us waste time to speak out our minds, no one will kill us by sharing our feelings

  22. Brenda Ohlar Mise
    Brenda Ohlar Mise
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    So Amazing and inspiring story

  23. Oluwaseun Ilerioluwa
    Oluwaseun Ilerioluwa
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    Beautiful and handsome casts....l love dat

  24. Adebola Olamilekan
    Adebola Olamilekan
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    Dapo is d cause of everything bcus if he told morayo dats I want to marry u but I want you to finish up Ur education b4 getting married to u so morayo will put her mind on it and see him as her fiance not just an uncle and morayo as already approach him indirectly to know maybe he loved her or not but he ignored her so what does he expect

  25. Muri Otun
    Muri Otun
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    This film is so childish. Most things Dapo did aren't possible in real life. We are in 21st century. Upgrade your storyline and ways to present message to the viewers. You really made it look like a drama and not a make believe. A boy of 18 won't do as Dapo. After Marriage you're now telling someone you love her. Shior.

    1. Muri Otun
      Muri Otun
      Vor Monat

      @Eunice Eze I presented the issue as I saw it. That's my opinion. If you think I'm hateful, good, you're entitled to your opinion. My point stands. Go back and rewatch the film, perhaps you were in a hurry. Next time though, try not to be bossy when presenting your feelings. Like try never to be judgemental.

    2. Eunice Eze
      Eunice Eze
      Vor Monat

      What’s a drama, what is make believe? It’s so obvious you are here to hate. If after you watched and can still say this then you need deliverance. It’s a new year stop hating so you can progress

  26. jeny brown
    jeny brown
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    How can u love someone and not say it out haba dapo messed up jare

  27. Minaj Smith
    Minaj Smith
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    Very interesting movie dapo is a crazy man like seriously

    Vor Monat

    Great movie, good casting, Excellent directing. We can't wait for the next movie . 👌

  29. Teni George
    Teni George
    Vor Monat

    Dap is totally at fault but it nothing if she also speaks up if truly she loves him

  30. Omolade Ayeni
    Omolade Ayeni
    Vor Monat

    What a film hmmm thanks for uploading

  31. Akinmolusun Olumide
    Akinmolusun Olumide
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    It's complicating, but is not a bad idea if morayo make the move

  32. Adejimi Tayo
    Adejimi Tayo
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    Thks for uploading lesson well learnt love is forgiven though is hard👍

  33. Omo Ayaki
    Omo Ayaki
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    To me Dapo should take all the blames cos he never for once tell Morayo that he love her.Morayo really tried her best possible,when she won't force a man on herself .This is a great lessons to some weak men out there who are not brave enough to express their love to a woman they love.Kudos to u all for a great job well done 🙌🙌

  34. Adejimi Tayo
    Adejimi Tayo
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    Thks for uploading eku ISE lopolop👍

  35. Kemisola Adenike
    Kemisola Adenike
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    Hmmmm very interesting movie dapo should have told her it not morayo fault if you love someone you have to say it no matter what kudos to you guys

  36. Oladepo Sukurat
    Oladepo Sukurat
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    Intersing thanks for uploading

  37. Bukola Oladimeji
    Bukola Oladimeji
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    Here watching

  38. SHODUNKE O. J. A
    Vor Monat

    Good for dapo he fucked up nd messed up He shld be listening to his frnd advice long time b4 now. Nd morayo did d right tin jare God bless all d cast

  39. sonola omolayo
    sonola omolayo
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    Here watching

  40. larryfresh klb VEVO
    larryfresh klb VEVO
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    nice movie... and it give a gud lesson to all men and women. says ur feeling at the right time cos if u dont the end go hurt u

  41. Coldwater 9000
    Coldwater 9000
    Vor Monat

    Very Interesting @tokunboawoga....Thumbs up to the cast and crew...

  42. adeola pweety
    adeola pweety
    Vor Monat

    It really fantastic movie keep enjoying ❤❤💪💪💪💯

  43. Mutiat Abisola
    Mutiat Abisola
    Vor Monat

    Secret admiral, how can u love someone and not let the person know, i pity dapo, he's too over protective, may we not labour in vain, interesting 👊

    1. Brenda Ohlar Mise
      Brenda Ohlar Mise
      Vor Monat

      Amen ooo

  44. Ruqoyah Abisola
    Ruqoyah Abisola
    Vor Monat

    If u love someone Walk up to her and tell her how much you love her oooo..... Dapo is at fault oooo...

  45. Adeniyi Salimot
    Adeniyi Salimot
    Vor Monat

    Nice one o. Trust u LBRA tv. Pls we are waiting for Eru ati omo oooh. Stay blessed

  46. mhiz Bunmi bejide
    mhiz Bunmi bejide
    Vor Monat

    Wow interesting movie

  47. Gbomedo Doyin Doyen
    Gbomedo Doyin Doyen
    Vor Monat

    Still watching

  48. Oluwadamilola Adewunmi
    Oluwadamilola Adewunmi
    Vor Monat

    Interesting movie Happy new year

  49. Alice Adenike Oogunleke
    Alice Adenike Oogunleke
    Vor Monat

    Interesting movie..thanks for uploading ❤

  50. jumoke onah
    jumoke onah
    Vor Monat

    I blame no one but dapo.wats difficult in expressing ur feelings to a girl?its either a yes or no.dapo just trained her for someone else to enjoy.morayo did all she cud do to get dapo's attention n love but he kept on isn't everything.nice movie😊

  51. Adejokemi Adekoya
    Adejokemi Adekoya
    Vor Monat

    Never wait too long bfor expressing your feeling toward d person you love so much, just say it out anyhow.distracted kill you dapo

  52. Ola Wale
    Ola Wale
    Vor Monat

    Shaqman say this video is very sencetive

  53. Funke Fatoba
    Funke Fatoba
    Vor Monat

    I get the story line and its a nice one...but after seeing them at the restaurant what transpired between Dapo and Morayo before they got married besides that was just 5hours after Damola and Morayo met, they could still end the 5hours friendship, Dapo and Morayo could still marry

    1. Abiodun Olarinoye
      Abiodun Olarinoye
      Vor Monat

      Exactly. Just five hours, not yet dating and he can still have his babe back. Movie sha🤔

  54. bassira lawani
    bassira lawani
    Vor Monat


  55. Mhiz Hardeolar
    Mhiz Hardeolar
    Vor Monat

    Nice work

  56. Omotayo Omoleye
    Omotayo Omoleye
    Vor Monat

    Interesting movie, tanks for uploading libra tv

  57. Gold Psalm
    Gold Psalm
    Vor Monat

    Just watching

  58. Olatunji Sheriff
    Olatunji Sheriff
    Vor Monat

    Watching it from Dubai so interesting movie

    1. evans ABRAHAM
      evans ABRAHAM
      Vor Monat

      Sheybi na gutta you Dey clean

    2. evans ABRAHAM
      evans ABRAHAM
      Vor Monat

      Olatunji Sheriff must we know you live in Dubai?

  59. Mr_ Cleverboy
    Mr_ Cleverboy
    Vor Monat

    Love conquer all... How I wished Dapo did not messed up everything because he was the cause of all this calamities... Sometimes we Do believe that money is everything, money is not everything most especially in terms of relationship, how will you be spending money all day all night.. But will never have a single day for his wife, that is so so bad, sometimes women need cares more than money... What a big lessons learnt a must watch for every home... Kudos to the producer of this great movie more blessings 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 thanks for uploading this @Libratv forward ever backward never 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 Mr_Cleverboy Carez 👌

  60. Bolaji Olusola
    Bolaji Olusola
    Vor Monat

    First time I will see mide martin at gently